West Virginia Team

Laurel O'Neal Thornton

Owner, Neuro-Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, and EMDRIA Approved Consultant

I consider myself a neuro-psychotherapist. I enjoy working with people who want to feel differently and are ready for the things that they know are true to feel true. I enjoy working with any age individual. I help facilitate change for those who would like to have the stresses or large events of the past not have so much power and control over them in the present. I work to empower people to feel more grounded in the present and hopeful about the future.

I specialize in EMDR and helping people reprocess stressful events from the past and present, as well as, fears about the future. I also use techniques from REBT, TA, and Reality Therapy/Choice theory. I believe that the brain is amazingly resilient and work to create a safe environment for growth and healing.
I take an integrative approach to healing and work with the whole person not just a set of symptoms.

Miranda Riffle

Individual and Group Psychotherapist

I work to create a whole-brain and body approach to healing for each individual client. I promote seeking balance in life and advocate to help people feel emotionally and mentally empowered. I also take a trauma-informed approach in helping others better understand themselves, their behavior and how this has impacted their life. It is important to me to meet people where they are in seeking change and healing, because I believe this allows people to experience the power of freedom and choice in improving the overall quality of their life.
I have experience and specialization in working with young adults and adolescents. I also have experience in working with addiction, trauma, codependency, and challenging family dynamics. I take an eclectic and integrative approach to helping people to gain more adaptive coping skills.
I believe the brain is an amazing avenue for seeking healing and I work to provide a safe, comfortable environment for growth and change. I take a holistic approach to healing in working to educate, advocate for, and work with clients to help them achieve and discover their best self.

Brittney Matlick

Individual and Group Psychotherapist

I work from a person-centered approach to promote an empowering atmosphere for my clients. It is important to me to help clients become aware of their own unique set of strengths that give them the ability to create positive change in their lives and relationships. I am passionate about facilitating growth within clients’ marriages, love relationships, parent-child relationships, and any other relationships they wish to strengthen. Rather than focusing strictly on the symptomatic nature of clients’ concerns, I take a holistic approach and foster an overall healing of the self.
I specialize in working with family conflict and relationship dynamics. Additionally, I have experience in working with addiction, codependency, mood disorders, and trauma. I integrate techniques from Solution-Focused Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, as well as utilize EMDR to structure my approach to best fit my clients’ individual needs.
I believe all people possess the full capacity to identify and achieve therapeutic goals in order to reach an optimal well-being. To facilitate the attainment of these goals, I strive to provide clients with a safe, understanding, and nonjudgmental environment.

Dr. Ashley Coker Cranney

Individual and Group Psychotherapist

My goal in working with clients is to help them shift their relationships with success, failure, fear, and change in an effort to experience more a more meaningful life. As an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)- and EMDR-oriented professional, I strive to help my clients face their less pleasant private events in the service of committing to valued action. As we work together, my clients and I strive to identify what matters, clarify the things that stand in our way, choose to make a mindset shift, and commit to doing things that matter on a deep level.
As a Certified Mental Performance Consultant, my focus has been on athletes/performers for performance-enhancement. However, my work with college students, police officers/trainers and mlitary servicemembers/veterans/families has shown me that our internal struggles are what disorder our ability and capacity to perform in the areas that are meaningful to us.
We all experience difficulties–in sport/performance, in school/work, with people we care about, within ourselves. I firmly believe that when we shift our mindset to more adaptive ways of relating to our experiences, we become freer to experience our world more fully and live a more valued existence.

Mary Lynn Manuel

Individual and Group Psychotherapist, Yoga Instructor

I aim to assist others in embarking upon a journey of self-discovery. My role is to support others on their paths toward better self-awareness of mind and body. Together we can rewrite the narrative of the past, take hold of the present, and look forward to the future. Above all, I want clients to be moving forward in life feeling more balanced, more resilient, and able to love themselves wholeheartedly, in all their uniqueness and light. I specialize in working with adults with trauma and substance use disorders, but enjoy working with most anyone who wishes to connect with their inner Warrior in order to heal from past hardships.
I love to incorporate techniques of yoga movement and somatic resourcing into my work as a healer. I also believe that within all of us is a creator and an artist, and thus I like to provide a creative space for clients to discover their own artistic expression.
I utilize EMDR therapy as well as aspects of Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Reality Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and more. No matter what methodology I utilize, I am person-centered in my approach and aim to facilitate the healing process to the individual in a way that allows each session to be creative, concrete, and motivational.

Josh Thornton

Psychotherapist for Children and Adults

I have been an EMDR therapist since 2011 and have worked as a school counselor and in private practice. As a psychotherapist, I utilize insights into the neural processes which contribute to how we process information, how we respond to events, and ultimately, how we feel. I enjoy working with people who are ready to feel differently. I can help them find their way to a better different.

I work to create an environment that promotes an individual’s own ability to express themselves and be creative. I take a holistic and whole person approach to stimulate our internal healing mechanism. I enjoy working with all ages. 

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Beth Stafford

Licensed Psychologist

I have a unique background with training in developmental psychology and counseling that allows me to holistically assess and treat the specific needs of each client. I am trained in EMDR and integrate other therapeutic approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems, as well as Internal Family Systems.

I provide individual therapy and work with individuals 15 and up. I also have a graduate certificate in gerontology and also enjoy working with older adults. I have experience working with a variety of concerns, such as trauma and PTSD, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, stress management, relationship issues and divorce, and codependency.

I thoroughly enjoy helping clients make changes they wish to see in their lives. I believe that a trusting, authentic relationship between therapist and client is paramount to healing, therefore collaboration and building rapport with my clients is deeply important.

Dr. Zenzi Huysmans

Individual and Group Psychotherapist

I work from a humanistic and person-centered approach to help clients create a life they consider meaningful. I also integrate emotional intelligence and mindfulness and acceptance-based principles into my work to help clients change their relationship with their thoughts and emotions and make choices that are consistent with what is most important to them. It is important to me to interact with clients with compassion and empathy, and sprinkle in some humor along the way.

My goals are to support clients in developing positive emotions such as self-compassion, humor, and gratitude while also learning how to relate to all emotions as fleeting. This ultimately helps clients manage stress, fear, and anxiety more effectively, empathize with others, communicate more effectively, and build healthier relationships. When we can learn to honor our internal experiences, relate to our emotions in a non-judgmental way, and treat ourselves with compassion, we can begin to create change and build meaningful lives for ourselves.

I specialize in working with young adults, youth, and athletes or performers, but am continuing to expand my interests and passions as a mental health practitioner. I am a Certified Mental Performance Consultant and an EMDR-professional.

Mary Kefferstan

Individual and Group Psychotherapist

I take a humanistic and person-centered approach to working with people. I believe that everyone has the capacity to heal and grow, and doing that work is most possible in an environment that is warm and non-judgmental. I take a whole-person approach that is grounded in EMDR and AIP Theory, Polyvagal Theory and Attachment Theory.  I also enjoy integrating techniques from yoga, music, breath work, mindfulness, and Transactional Analysis. 

My focus includes an emphasis on understanding the importance of how racism, homophobia, misogyny, transphobia, etc. impact how we have developed and how we interact with the world. By honoring our experiences in the systems around us, I help people heal parts of themselves that have been rejected and shamed.  

In addition to EMDR, I am trained in Reiki and yoga. My background includes training in music as a classical pianist. I now specialize in working with grief and stress-based disorders and have additional experience in pastoral care. Throughout all these experiences, what continues to motivate me is that through meaningful connection to self and others, so much is possible.